Orange Hot Chocolate

Orange Hot Chocolate

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Orange Hot Chocolate.  The perfect kiss of orange in this rich hot chocolate blend. Hand crafted and slowly blended in micro batches with 60% cacao nibs, unsweetened cacao powder, brown sugar and hand peeled orange peel. So delicious it's almost sinful.  

Love chocolate? Try our Gourment Chocolate Drink Set which contains our Orange Hot Chocolate, Ceylon Cinnamon Hot Chocolate, Spicy Mayan Temple Hot Chocolate and our Old School Hot Chocolate. 100% pure spices, fresh ground in our store. NO ARTIFICIAL ANYTHING!

2 ounces = 10 to  13 cups (1 rounded tsp per 6oz almond milk)

For a gourmet experience, add 1 rounded teaspoon to 6oz of hot creamy almond milk. Top with whipped cream and shaved or grated chocolate pieces ( a Hershey's chocolate bar works great  when shaved on a small cheese grater!)