Smoke Jumper Ginger Tea

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For an invigorating wakeup, this spicy blend of lapsang souchong and ginger root jumps right out of the cup and into the morning air. Its sharp ginger highlights and smoky backbone blend perfectly into a flavor you’ve yet to experience. The black tea base has notes of hickory smoked bacon, so you’ll either love it or leave it. With a generous portion of ginger, this exciting blend becomes warming, spicy, and feels good on your throat. Ginger is sought out for its health benefits, it brings to life a powerful new flavor combination: sharp & smooth, stimulating & comforting, a new adventure in a single cup. 1.5 ounces

•Smoky Black & Ginger Tea

•Smoked Black Tea Origin: China

•Ginger Tea Origin: Honduras

•25-40 mg Caffeine / Serving

•Gluten-free & Sugar-free