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Hello my name is Marlena J. I am a native Chicagoan that chose to turn my experience into yours. My husband and in-laws are natives of Sri Lanka and although my husband has lived here in the United States for 20 years, our "family of buyers" lives in the immediate areas where an abundance of our spices are harvested. We are a family business, committed to hand selecting premium quality spices, herbs and Ceylon teas from our family to yours.


  • Dionice Marshall

    I created the best flavored spare ribs the other day. Normally I would have let them marinate in the fridge to enhance the flavors withe the spices that I would normally use. Dinner was running a little late so I decided to just use the Jamaican jerk spice that I purchased during the grand opening. That was the best no fuss seasoning. The kids loved it. tonight I will be using my orange sauce to season chicken breast and I only expect great results! I will make sure to let you know!

  • Marlena

    Thank you for your great feedback, Audrey! It just made our day. We are happy to be able to share our recipes and insight with you. Keep us updated.

    Hope to see you soon!

    Love That Spice

  • Audrey Langer

    I just visited your new Highland Park shop today. I purchased the true ceylon cinnamon, the inflammation spice blend,and the french flair blend. Tonight I used all three and they were wonderful! I put the french flair on our marinated lamb for supper. The inflammation blend was wonderful on our boiled new potatoes they tasted like something from an exotic resturant! For dessert I mad apple crisp with in season fall apples and the true ceylon cinnamon, yummy yummy yummy!

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