Pu'erh Tea Blend

Pu'erh Tea Blend

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Organic Pu'erh Black Tea Blend. This black tea blend combines bold flavor, rich color, & outstanding health benefits. This robust blend is made with pu'erh, an aged black tea from Yunnan China, and unsweetened organic coconut.

This tea yields a rich, dark liquor and a warm, well-rounded flavor that takes very well to milk and even better in the form of a tea latte. The high caffeine content and robust flavor makes this the perfect tea to help kick your coffee habit! 2 ounce refill bag.

~ 50-60 mg Caffeine / Serving

Studies show that this tea may also help to lower cholesterol as it contains lovastatin  naturally, which is a pharmaceutical drug prescribed to those with high cholesterol (www.ncbi.nih.gov)

• More caffeine than other teas, half of coffee

• Ideal morning boost: Makes great lattes!

• Good for oral hygiene & other health benefits of pu'erh

• Satisfying, robust, dark chocolate flavor

• Gluten-free & Sugar-free