Pssst....Busy Moms and Dads

I’m a sucker for chicken and fish because you can literally cook a 4 ounce serving in about 15 minutes.  I'm a busy Mom so to all the Moms who work all day then running your kids to soccer, karate or dance class only to come home to cook for your husband and children...big high five to you! As you know Dads get a big high five as well because many Dads cook dinner for the family (gotta love that). If only I could get my husband to cook more than scrambled eggs bathed in black pepper!  If you have a busy life I have news for you.  Love That Spice now offers gourmet cooking sauces.  Our cooking sauces will turn anyone into a chef.  I have tested our orance sauce with several people who would normally stay out of the kitchen. One person actually told me that she used our orange sauce on chicken she cooked for her family.  After her husband and children finished dinner her husband replies "honey you should order from that restaurant again!"  With that being said, try our orange sauce and be the "chef in your kitchen" in 15 minutes. 

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  • Patrice Marshall

    My visit at Love that spice was wonderful. The owner Marlena, is a very charming person who knows her stuff about spices, herbs and teas and the health benefits. She was very patient with me. I really think she is going to make it!!

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