Cinco de Mayo Equals Good Food, Family, Friends and Loads of FUN!!!

Here's a little history about Cinco de Mayo as told to me by my lovely and absolutely hilarious friend Rebeca, who just happens to be of Hispanic heritage. Cinco de Mayo is a state holiday in Puebla, Mexico when they defeated the French. Gotta love history!

Cinco de Mayo is almost here and you know what that means.......great spicy food and lots of cold beer and tequila! Its all about fun, food and family which is why it's one of my favorite days.  Check out 2 easy recipes under our Cinco de Mayo Recipes Tab that will have your mouth screaming for cold beer (unless you skip the jalapenos). So let's put up the decorations, round up your friends, throw a party and have the time of your life, cause seriously people, YOU DESERVE IT!!!

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