Family, Friends, and Food Equal Geat Memories

Since Thursday, I have had the pleasure of hosting my Husband's family (my in-laws) from Canada. We cooked, we laughed, cooked some more and laughed some more. Last night we had an impromptu barbecue (unplanned things are the best). My husband thought it would be great to give me 20 minutes to make 10 dishes, even better he invited 7 more friends! Having fresh spice blends on hand proved to be extremely helpful, seriously! We feasted on Sushi, black bean grilled shrimp, Korean noodles, Cajun spicechicken skewers, pork curry, chicken curry, sweet and spicy Thai spice chicken, fried curry rice, lentils, grilled burgers and grilled dogs for the kids. After dinner we all gathered in the living room to sing and dance. Out came the guitar and my Husband's drums. We sang and sang and danced and danced the night away (I made sure to apologize to my forgiving Neighbor Kit)! Sometimes an impromptu barbecue is the best to bring together family and friends for memories that will last a life time.....and so will my back ache for standing all day cooking (LOL). Next week, long after my in-laws have gone back to Canada I  will sit back to reflect and when I burst into laughter, I'm not crazy people...... just extremely grateful for a wonderful and culturally blended family and seriously cool friends...

I'm getting to the point! The point is when your Husband puts together a last minute barbecue, be prepared and move smoothly with spice blends, spice rubs, barbecue sauces and finishing sauces from Love That Spice. Spice blends are convenient, cost effective and just plain ole' good! Look for our new line of barbecue rubs on June 1, 2013....just in time for Father's Day!


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