Father's Day, Celebrate Dear Dad

As a kid growing up, its hard to understand and appreciate the sacrifices that your parents, specifically my Dad made. My Dad always had more than 1 job to support the family and that meant that he wasn't as readily available as my Mother was. That was not a problem for me as I was proud of the way my Dad took care of his family. Being a good Father means that you have to sacrifice your time and energy for taking care of the family. But when he did slow down, I can remember fun family barbecues,  play fights and wrestling.....yes wrestling with my Dad! I recall taking family vacations every year as if we were the Huxtables and climbing into the family car to take long rides to Arkansas. My Dad always made me feel like I had a special place in his heart, a small place just for me. I have a great deal of gratitude in my heart for my Dad as he always did the best he could to the best of his ability and he did it with quiet style and grace. Here's to you Daddy!  

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