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Thanksgiving is the time of year when families gather around the table to give thanks for family and delicious food! Get creative in your holiday cooking by trying blends like our new Smoked Turkey Rub that's sure to delight your family with it's smoky flavor which will no doubt have them asking for the same turkey next year! Switch up your sweet potatoes and try using our Apple Pie Spice blend and wow them with this crowd pleaser. Stuff your delicious turkey with dressing made using our new Stuffing Spice Blend and delight your family with delicious new flavors. For desert create a pumpkin pie to die for using our Pumpkin Pie Blend or an apple pie with our Apple Pie Spice blend, enjoyed best with a cup of our hand-crafted India Spiced Chai Tea. Talk the night away and catch up with family while savoring a delicious cup of our popular Mayan Temple Cacao hot chocolate blended with organic cacao nibs, almonds and red chili. The possibilities are endless, find your inspiration and have your family raving about your dishes with your new found spices! 

With the holidays right around the corner, its time to stock up on your holiday spices, ethnic seasonings, sauces and spice blends that are sure to delight.

At Love That Spice, we never stop creating spice blends to compliment your cuisine and the holidays.


Happy Cooking from your friends at Love That Spice!


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  • joan

    I just made butternut squash soup and seasoned it with your Apple Pie blend as well as Chipotle Chili blend. It is amazing! Thank you!

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