Welcome to Love That Spice

Featuring Hand Crafted Artisan Spices & Exotic Teas.

Love That Spice is a family owned & operated artisan spice and tea shoppe, importing premium spices, herbs and teas from around the world to you.

Fresh ground spices and herbs are extremely nutrient and vitamin rich, and as such, we grind our spices daily in small batches to ensure you are getting a healthy balance of powerful nutrients! We don't just stop there, we also aim to educate the consumer on how adding fresh spices and herbs to your diet can start you on your way to optimal health. From arthritis to allergies, we create custom tea blends to target what ails you. The remedies to various ailments can be found in the world of plants and we tap into that source by aligning our blends with ancient healing systems like that of Ayurveda.

Enjoy our custom traditional and internationally inspired spice blends, wellness and gourmet tea blends from our family to yours.

Marlena Jayatilake,

Master Spice & Tea Blender (mommy of 2)


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