Spice Blends and One of the 12 Superfoods

Spice Blends and One of the 12 Superfoods


It's grilling season and since we can't just eat burgers and steaks, let's talk salmon! Salmon is one of the 12 super foods and contains significant amounts of omega-3 fatty acids,making it an excellent food for regularly incorporating into your diet. Here's a tip, when buying salmon, it’s important to purchase it from a store that has high turnover so you know you’re getting as fresh a product as possible.  And pay attention to the flesh—it should look bright and moist and have no signs of discoloration or dryness. If possible, give the fish a sniff; any “off” odors are an indication of age and should be avoided. Salmon is delicious practically any way you prepare it, baked, pan seared, grilled and even steamed! For your seasoning, allow me to suggest LoveThatSpice.com for the Creole Spice Blend(with just the right amount of Louisiana heat), Lemon Pepper Spice Blend(for that for that burst of zesty lemon peppery taste), Mediterranean Herb Blend(for that earthy oh so good herb flavor), Cajun Spice Blend (for Louisiana without the burn) or brush on the flavor  with our Gourmet Spicy Orange Finishing Sauce(for the delicious flavor of  oranges with a nice kick....my favorite way to eat salmon). Be adventurous, chose a great tasting Sweet & Smoky Grilling Rub (with just the right amount of brown sugar and smoked paprika). Be sure to drizzle your salmon with our Grape Seed Oil Infused with garlic and spices, then sprinkle with your chosen spice blend and rub all over the salmon. If you chose to pan sear your salmon, add 1 teaspoon of butter/margarine/cooking spray to the skillet before adding the salmon.


There's no shortage of possibilities for taking advantage of the healthful benefits of salmon and the nutrient and antioxidant rich spice blends!




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  • Audra Rowe

    My family and I just love the Cajun Spice Blend!!! I rubbed down a couple of Pork Tenderloins with your seasoning, wrapped them in suran wrap, refrigerated them for 5-6 hours then broiled them…fantastic!!! NO LEFTOVERS! Awesome product! I plan to place an order for family members for the holidays!

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