Spices, Spice Blends and Summer Tea

Spices, spice blends and summer tea, perfect for a spectacular backyard barbecue! 

Summertime is one of my favorite times of the year. Spices and teas, have always fit into the summertime equation whether it be a wicked barbecue rub or an ice cold summer tea. If you made it to our Grilling Class last week, then you learned an awesome way to get juicy, bold, "foodie worthy" chicken with a sweet spicy kick using our best selling Pit Master Grilling Rub! You see, with the right cut of meat coupled with fresh ground spices (yes fresh), you're in for a delicious meal and a fun-filled day of grilling with family or friends. If you're feeling adventurous and are ready to grill fish, make a paste with our Island Smoke Dry Rub. Consistently a crowd favorite, this is a no fail blend that makes an awesome presentation whether you grill, smoke, pan sear or slow-bake it! 

Heck, if you want to please everyone, even good ole' "Uncle Bob" make sure you have plenty of Memphis Barbecue Rub on hand with our Sweet Heat Molasses, slow simmered pure molasses based barbecue sauce...your tongue will love you!

Next, let's add premium tea to the festivities and now you've got a party. Summer teas like our popular Apple Berry Tea with real fruit pieces that flavor premium green tea is a perfect selection for sunny and hot summer days. If fruity is not your thing, try our soul satisfying Rooibos Africana Tea, loaded with awesome flavor and antioxidant rich! White Pomegranate Tea which provides a delicate balance of premium white tea with hibiscus, rose hips and safflower. Feeling a little spicy? Try our exotic Indian Spiced Chai Black Tea Blend, a perfect after dinner treat. Take a look at our New Hyson Tea Collection filled with wonderful teas and tea blends delivered to you right from the heart of Sri Lanka! 

As the day rolls on, after you've feasted on delicious food, let's not forget the deliciously sweet summer fruit kicked up a notch with our popular fruit spice blend. Try a luscious, juicy mango sprinkled with our Ancho Chili Fruit Spice, blended with ancho chili, long pepper and a touch of cayenne. You simply can't go wrong!

Now get ready for a long, hot summer filled with awesome cookouts and bold spices, barbecue rubs and thirst quenching Ceylon tea!  Order up a few barbecue rubs, spice blends and tea today, you'll get a free surprise spice or tea included with your order.

Have a tongue happy, finger lickin' good time with family and friends as you gather around the barbecue pit!

Happy Cooking,

Marlena Jayatilake, The Spice Queen

Love That Spice, Inc. 

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