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Spices, Spice Blends and Summer Tea

Spices, spice blends and summer tea, perfect for a spectacular backyard barbecue!  Summertime is one of my favorite times of the year. Spices and teas, have always fit into the summertime equation whether it be a wicked barbecue rub or an ice cold summer tea. If you made it to our Grilling Class last week, then you learned an awesome way to get juicy, bold, "foodie worthy" chicken with a sweet spicy kick using our best selling Pit Master Grilling Rub! You see, with the right cut of meat coupled with fresh ground spices (yes fresh), you're in for a delicious meal and a fun-filled day of grilling with family or friends. If you're feeling adventurous and are ready to grill fish, make a paste with our Island Smoke Dry Rub....

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Grilling Class/Cook-Out in Highland Park, IL June 29, 2014

Oh yes summer is here and what better way to celebrate than having an instructional barbecue class / cookout! Watch as I slow smoke a salmon with our best-selling spice blend, Island Smoke Dry Rub. I will also roast a butterflied chicken using our #1 selling barbecue spice, Pit Master Barbecue Rub. Also on the menu is a delicious "kitchen sink" kale salad fit for a king. Learn how to make a simple barbecue mopping sauce fit for a queen, that will certainly add bold flavor to your barbecue. You'll also learn how to make a wonderful salt-free barbecue rub. Last but not least, I will make my simple low-fat cinnamon spice banana ice cream. 

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