Exotic Indian Chai Black Tea

Exotic Indian Chai Black Tea

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Indian Chai Black Tea. Creamy, savory, slightly strong yet soothing and aromatic. This high end, creamy, delicious tea is perfect to enjoy year round and especially in the fall and winter months. One sip will transport you to India and you'll be hooked on this little slice of heaven! A welcome addition to savor anytime of the day. Loose leaf 2.5 ounces CONTAINS CAFFEINE. Try our Exotic Red Chai Tea for a decaf cup of delicious chai tea! 

Hand-blended with Assam black tea, Ceylon cloves, cardamom pods, cardamom seeds, cassia cinnamon chips, dried ginger, peppercorns, and orange peel. ABSOLUTELY NO FILLERS, PRESERVATIVES, ARTIFICIAL FLAVORING OR SUGAR, JUST THE WAY NATURE INTENDED.

Steeping Instructions: 6 oz water / freshly boiled water / steep 5 minutes / add cream & honey to taste

To prepare an authentic cup of Indian Chai Tea - bring 4 ounces of water with 4 ounces of milk. Next, add 2 rounded teaspoons of tea and simmer on low for 5 minutes. Strain tea in your cup, sweeten and enjoy. For a gourmet treat top with whip cream and a sprinkle of nutmeg!