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Wellness Bundle - Save 15% when you bundle!

Organic Japanese Matcha Superfood Blend - Earthy, flavorful, with a hint of citrus. With a massive amount of health benefits, this blend will serve you well. Passionate about providing the perfect balance of deliciousness coupled with nutrient rich spice blends, we introduce our Organic Japanese Matcha Tea Spice Blend. Click for more info

Organic CoCo Chaga Adaptogenic Mushroom Blend - An adaptogen are natural substances considered to help the body adapt to stress and to exert a normalizing effect upon bodily processes. Click here for more info

 Organic Golden Almond Milk - Be your own barista! This is one of the most popular drinks on our menu and why not? Loaded with powerful spices containing anti-inflammatory compounds, sugar control, soothes & debloats the tummy and improves digestion all in one deliciously powerful latte. Click here for more info