Ginseng Oolong

Ginseng Oolong

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Ginseng Oolong. This tea comes from the Chinese province of Hainan and is also called Lan Gui Ren or Ren  Shen. It is based on high quality green Oolong where only the youngest sprouts are used. The leaves are dusted with ginseng and licorice root, after withering and rolling and before the subsequent drying stage. The cup is golden-green while the ingredients underline the delicately soft, slightly sweet flavor. This tea can be infused more that on once, but the first two infusions are most desirable.

Ingredient: Green tea, ginseng powder, licorice. In the case of high blood pressure, excessive consumption of licorice should be avoided.

Steeping: 1 heaping tsp. /6 ounce serving

Water temperature 176 to 194 degrees /steep 2 to 3 minutes