Herbal Coffee

Herbal Coffee

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Organic Roasted Herbal Coffee. Our best-selling coffee alternative blend has a taste well worth coming back to and compliments any daily wellness routine. The main ingredient, chicory is nutrient rich with gut-pleasing inulin fiber, a prebiotic fiber. With  this blend we focus on gut health, balancing blood sugar, & getting rid of excess gas and bloating, while providing regularity in the bathroom.  Due to the inulin fiber content, chicory is also a prebiotic that feeds healthy gut bacteria in your gut and being fiber rich, keeps you fuller longer, which may lead to weight loss.

ingredients: Organic roasted chicory, organic cinnamon, green cardamom pods. 6 ounce refillable bag.

Directions: Add 2 teaspoons to 10 ounces of freshly boiled water. Steep 5-7 minutes. Strain and add, organic maple syrup to taste, 1/4 cup of steamed oat milk and a naughty little pinch of cinnamon. Enjoy!