Cranberry Orange White Tea

Cranberry Orange White Tea

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Organic Cranberry Orange White Tea. Thoughtfully handcrafted, this tea merges delicate flavors with impressive tonic properties and yields an infusion with incredible taste and aroma, that is naturally sweet with deep fruity notes. Blended with hibiscus and berries for a delicious blast of vitamin C to support a healthy immune system and safflower threads for essential acids important in overall body health. White tea is a great tool for helping to shed unwanted pounds! Cranberry Orange White Tea showcases a luxurious tea that should be savored and is certainly worthy of special occasions. Refill bag - loose leaf white tea, 2 ounces.

Health Benefits of White Tea

Rich in antioxidants

May reduce the risk of heart disease

May help you shed weight

Helps protect teeth from bacteria

Has cancer fighting compounds

May protect against osteoporosis

May help fight skin aging

Ingredients- Organic white tea, cranberry, organic hibiscus, organic rose hips, pomegranate seeds, blackberry, organic orange peel, and safflower threads. Contains Caffeine