Organic Detox and Fat Burn Wellness Kit

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Get our Wellness Bundle and get everything you need to restore optimal health. This bundle of wellness brews work to detox your liver, cleanse your blood, flush your kidneys, restore immunity, eliminate brain fog, balance blood sugar, lower blood pressure and support healthy weight loss.
Detox, Fat Burn, Energize, and Immunity  - 30 DAY SUPPLY

I Can't Believe its Not Coffee - 14 DAY SUPPLY APPROX. 28 DRINKS (5.5 ounces) 

Skinny Miss Fat Burn Tea - 30 DAY SUPPLY (5 ounces)

Japanese Matcha Superfood Smoothie Blend  30 DAY  SUPPLY

CoCo Chaga Mushroom Smoothie Blend - 30 DAY SUPPLY (3 ounces)

Free Bonus Tea Strawberry Rose Herbal Tea (DESERT TEA)  

Includes 7-day Meal Plan with recipes

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