ExoticNo.1 Hibiscus Bliss

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Tart, smoky, fruity, complex, citrusy, savory with a slight touch of heat. This premium exotic spice blend is fantastic, the "wow" factor! If you are looking for different, yet delicious and exotic, then this blend is for you. Goes great on steak, briskets, shrimp, fish and roasted vegetables. Just one taste and your taste buds will go on an exotic adventure, unlike anything you have tasted before. The blend of hibiscus flowers and pure chilies puts this blend over the top. Be bold, be adventurous and try this unforgettable blend, you'll be happy you did! 4 ounces

The first of five exotic blends, introducing EXOTICNO.1 HIBISCUS BLISS, experience the passion and bliss of hibiscus.

Blended with African hibiscus flowers, Guajillo chile, Ancho chile, Tellicherry peppercorns, cumin, pink Himalayan sea salt and garlic