Love My Liver Herbal Detox

Love My Liver Herbal Detox

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Organic Liver Detox Tea. Perfect for gently detoxing your liver.

A detoxing powerhouse, milk thistle, helps to eliminate prescription medications, heavy metals, toxins from everyday pollution and alcohol in the liver. Milk thistle is also known to support healthy liver regeneration, neutralize negative effects on the liver after chemotherapy and radiation. Dandelion root is amazing at cleansing the liver, while burdock root is phenomenal as a blood cleanser, making it great for liver health. Turmeric root supports healthy liver tissue and aids in detoxification.

This herbal tea is completely handcrafted in micro batches for optimal vitamins and nutrients and can provide optimal support in the detoxification process. 

*Quickly eliminates toxins

*Natural diuretic effect, eliminating toxins thru urine output

*Restores healthy blood sugar levels

*Detoxes liver

*Cleanses blood

*Glowing skin

*High in antioxidants, fights free radicals, anti-aging, fights cancer

*Lowers blood pressure

*Aids in weight loss

*Clears brain fog


*Strengthen immunity

Thoughtfully hand-blended with milk thistle, organic dandelion leaf, organic burdock root, and hand peeled turmeric. 

Refill Bag - 3 ounces

2 teaspoon to 8 ounces of freshly boiled water. Allow to steep 12 minutes

"There is no cure-all magic pill. Health and wellness takes work, light to moderate exercise, spiritual and/or social engagement, coupled with what you put in your body as fuel. Wellness does not occur overnight no matter what you read. Wellness is a journey, so enjoy the process, listen to your body and have a great ride!"  - Marlena Jayatilake, Owner & Founder