Mulling Spices

Mulling Spices

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Mulling Spices. Aromatic, bold, slightly sweet, hints of licorice with a spicy bite of ginger. Nothing beats a great glass of wine other than a great mug of mulled wine around the holidays! Works great with apple cider as well...let's not forget the kiddies (wink!).

Blended with cardamom, cloves, Cassia cinnamon chips, star anise, allspice, dried ginger and orange peel.

Mulled Wine Recipe:

  • To a large pot, add one bottle of red wine. Cover and bring to a very low simmer. DO NOT BOIL, doing so will boil away the alcohol.
  • To brew, as soon as wine begins to simmer, combine spices together in a steeping bag and add to simmering red wine (NOTE: Promptly remove the steeping bag within 15 minutes of simmering to avoid bitterness!)
  •  Enough for 3 to 4 bottles of wine
  • If you do not have a steeping bag, use a strainer to strain out the spices, no worries
  • ENJOY!