Wild-Crafted Elderberry Syrup

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Wild-Crafted Elderberry Syrup. Historians trace the healing power of elderberries back to ancient Greece.Research shows that elderberry is an effective, safe and cost efficient way to treat both cold and flu symptoms. 

Elderberry offers phenomenal cold and flu relief and can actually work as a preventative, with it's antioxidant and anti-inflammatory power. Reduces sinus infection symptoms, can lower blood sugar, a natural diuretic, encourages healthy skin, helps to prevent cancer and may improve heart health. While most people use elderberry for cold and flu relief, it should be noted that elderberry also helps to fight chronic fatigue, soothes allergies, helps to relieve constipation and helps in the prevention of cancer. Take elderberry syrup at the first sign of a cold to get relief and shorten the duration of a cold or flu.  Hand-crafted in micro batches.

Historical fact: the government actually used elderberries to fight the great flu epidemic of Panama in 1995!

Ingredients: wild-crafted elderberry & raw honey. 5 ounces (net weight)