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As the New Year rolled in many of us, including myself made resolutions to eat right and shed some unwanted pounds.The problem with diets is that we start off strong and after 2 weeks we fall off of the wagon. Why? So glad you asked!

When most people think of diets, they think of bland, tasteless food with little or no flair. Okay, so I used to be guilty of that too. Here's what's different now....SPICES!!!! Instead of looking at a salad and saying "blah," I now say "oh yeah!" For instance take a plain salad with romaine lettuce mixed with spinach and get creative. Toss in shitake mushrooms sauteed with corn and black beans. Next slice up a red bell pepper, fresh cilantro and tomato and add that to the salad as well. I'll bet you are feeling really creative now! Next let's add protein. Dice an unseasoned grilled chicken breast, no more than 2 ounces and add it to the salad. Here is when I feel like my New Years Resolution may already be a thing of the past, because I could eat healthy like this year-round!  Here it goes....add 1/2 teaspoon of Chipotle Chili Blend, by Love That Spice of course! Drizzle that salad with a little bit of olive oil and a dash of red wine vinegar and shake. Need I say more? You can thank me later!



Marlena Jayatilake - Love That Spice

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