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Anti Inflammation Spice Blend Fight Inflammation with Spices

Turmeric, powdered gold, as I like to call it, is once again in the news. If there is one spice that we should all have in our cabinets, it should be turmeric. We are featuring our best selling Anti-Inflammation Herbal Tea Blend as well as our Anti-Inflammation Spice and Herb Blend, which combines several known spices that have been scientifically proven to fight inflammation. Try the both blends today and get 15% off your next order. Inflammation is the root cause of many of our growing illnesses today such as cancer, Alzheimer's, arthritis and many more. Turmeric is a layer of protection we should all want. Read the following article by Mother Earth Living and Linda B. Miller for more fascinating...

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Tea Steeping Guide for Tea Lovers

At Love That Spice, we have a passion for fresh ground bold spices and delicious tea! We're delighted to offer hand crafted Ginger Peach Tea with Organic Ginger Root. This tea will thrill you hot or cold! In case you have questions about steeping your tea, here is my little cheat sheet to go off of:  Steeping Based on an 8 ounce serving Black Tea 1 level teaspoon - steep 3 to 5 minutes Herbal Tea 1 heaping teaspoon - steep 5 to 6 minutes Mate Tea 1 level teaspoon - steep 3 to 6 minutes Pu'erh Tea 1 level teaspoon - steep 2 to 6 minutes White Tea 1 heaping teaspoon - steep 3 to 6 minutes Oolong Tea 1...

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