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Happy New Year 2018

What I find ironic is here I am again trying to lose weight as my New Year resolution, just like last year and the year before that. But this year, it really hit me: I've been doing a new year resolution every year since I've had my kids. I lose weight and then gain it back again. What I've learned from this is if you keep doing the same things you're going to get the same results. From my years of failing to achieve my resolution, I have learned that instead of going on a diet, I really need to change my lifestyle. I'm just like YOU. I have a busy life of being a mom, a business owner and the best darn wife this side of...well you get it. I take care of everyone except ME. I've mastered the art of losing and gaining weight so well that I could put Kristie Alley to shame, but even she has kept it off now!. So this year in 2018, forget the 'resolution', yet again, I'm making a lifestyle change and focusing on wellness. Not what I put in my mouth, but how I live my life. I'm going to reaffirm my spirituality, laugh a lot, cry a little, dance like no ones watching, do more yoga with Essential Evolution Holistic Wellness, stop and smell the roses and in the process if I lose a couple pounds then I'll run through the street pounding on my chest with a two-piece bikini that I haven't worn in years.

Step 1: DETOX, DETOX, DETOX! Fourteen days of no sugar and clean eating, and fortunate for me, I Can't Believe It's Not Coffee detox gently cleanses the liver of daily life toxins (wine being one of them LOL) and it really tastes amazing. There's nothing worse than shoving an intolerable drink down the hatch that tastes like dirty socks all for the sake of dropping pounds. I have regrettably eaten deliciously awful food during the holidays and I need to cleanse my temple, you understand right?. C'mon, who can say no to the ridiculous amount of cookies and sweets that are always present during holiday get-togethers? While I'm on this detox it's important to drink the I Can't Believe its Coffee Detox twice a day and eat organic, clean food. By clean eating I mean salad, fish, veggies, and staying away from sugar, alcohol, and my beloved wine. 

Step 2: After the fourteen day detox, drink Skinny Miss Fat Burn Tea twice a day. Skinny Miss is loaded with energy, ginseng, and helps your metabolism. After a sensible breakfast of an omelet and cup of Skinny Miss Fat Burn Tea (no pancakes, bacon, sausage etc.), you MUST drink two cups of water. Drinking water after your tea is necessary because any good flush needs liquids :) . Two hours after breakfast, have a cup of Skinny Miss with a piece of fruit as a snack! Then three hours after that should be lunch. Have a turkey wrap or whole wheat turkey sandwich, or go vegan. Carol D'Anca makes veganism look easy and delicious in her best-selling cook book on Amazon, Real Food for Healthy People. It's recommended to eat every two hours, but I live in the really crazy world where I eat every three hours. Anyways, after a healthy lunch, have a late afternoon snack of tea or water and piece of fruit or 1 oz or nuts. Dinner should be around 6 P.M with a salad of greens and veggies, a piece of lean meat (preferably seared chicken or fish), and one cup of beans. Finish off dinner with a thirst-quenching glass of water. Then two hours after dinner, have another cup of tea. If you are anything like me, you have a massive sweet tooth after dinner so the Sweet Root & Seed Tea is a cup full of love sweetened only with licorice root, because for the foreseeable future, we are not doing sugar! Let me not forget to mention the anti inflammatory cup of gold, the Golden Almond Milk, which is another great alternative for the attack of the sweet tooth! Two hours after that, really??? You aren't sleepy yet? Go to bed.....get 8 hours of much needed sleep, you'll love me for this because your immune system will be rock solid. Part of wellness is making sure your body gets proper rest to recharge for the next day. Now say this with me...this is not a diet....it's a lifestyle change. Helloooooo wellness, here we come!

As I restart my journey, I invite you to go with me. If you are like me and want to be well and not just shed the weight, come with me. Let's start with the detox and together let's be well. Let's nourish our temples because we want to be well and for this we will make time. I am an open book. Let's do yoga at my favorite studio that I never can seem to make the time for (EXCUSE), or that walk in the park that escapes me so often (YET ANOTHER EXCUSE). It's time to connect with our community of wellness folks who for some, have not connected as they may have wanted in 2017 but have an even stronger desire to do so in 2018. We're not perfect, but we're honest and kind and loving and we laugh a lot (mostly at ourselves LOL). 

So this is my plan to restart my journey on a path of wellness! And notice how I said restart because, well,  as a human, you can fail once or twice, but always try, try, and try yet again. 

Complete Wellness Detox and Weight Loss Kit

To get you started on the path to wellness, join us on January 6, 2018 from 10am to 2pm for a Wellness Event at Essential Evolution Holistic Wellness in Highland Park. It's free and lots of vendors (including me) will be there to greet you. Enjoy, snacks, yoga, massage and laughter...all under 1 roof! RSVP at www.eehwellness.com

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  • Paula

    Yes, I totally want to get involved in our wellness community this year. One of my goals is to get out and socialize more while on my new path!

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