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Sept. 19, 2014 - Prevent & Reverse Heart Disease Meet Up

Upcoming Meet Up Event: Dr. Kevin Fullin MD, has 27 years of experience as an interventional cardiologist. He earned his medical degree at the Ohio State University and has served as Medical Director and Cardiothoracic Department Chair at the United Hospital System in Kenosha, Wisconsin since 1997. He has special training that has brought him to care for a wide variety of cardiovascular disorders that include coronary artery disease, peripheral vascular disease, carotid & renal disease, congestive heart failure & disorders of rhythm. He has performed over 12,000 interventional procedures in his career. Dr. Fullin perscribes a plant based diet for himself and urges his patients to do the same. Shedding 60 pounds was just the beginning of the benefits...

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Spice Up Your Life - Healing Herbs & Spices

Spice Up your Life - Healing Herbs and Spices. When you spice things up, you not only add bold flavors, you also add a good dose of antioxidants, antifungals, anti inflammatory compounds, vitamins and cancer-fighting phytochemicals to your meals. Many spices in the rack, like cayenne, ginger, cumin and oregano are considered beneficial for their antioxidant and anti-inflammatory actions. But for cancer, turmeric, the yellow spice used in Indian cooking, is a real show stopper as it contains circumin, which not only clears out carcinogens before they can wreak havoc with cell DNA but also shuts down an inflammatory protein that encourages tumor growth! This is not new information, but what is new and exciting is being able to purchase a multitude...

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